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Leading Out of Loss

In a world of suit-and-tie CEOs, the leaders with hearts on their sleeves will win.

Leading Out of Loss is a testament to the death of the human spirit and gives you the permission to lead with heart and humility, embracing vulnerability as your greatest asset.

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Tragedy touches each and every one of us. It surprises and shocks our lives, some more than others. Trauma comes in many guises. It’s out there in the open – bumps, bruises, and life’s battle scars. It also hides in our lineage, passed down from generation-to-generation, sometimes unbeknown to those who inherit it.

Every day and every decision presents an opportunity to transcend our past, even in the face of life-changing loss. Sometimes, life’s greatest gifts are discovered in grief.

Leading Out of Loss is Michael Nitschke’s entry into authorship, revealing his journey to becoming a CEO, overnight, at 30 years old after the sudden loss of both his parents. The new Managing Director immediately learned he’d inherited millions of dollars in debt, his father had kept hidden.

Part-memoir, part-business wisdom, Leading Out of Loss is a coming-of-age story. Of human endurance, success against the odds, and writing our own legacy. When our backs are against the wall and there’s nothing left to lose, we transcend the impossible.

This brutally honest book delicately deals with grief, the cobwebs within a family lineage, divine intuition, self-invention, and his personal and professional epiphany: the power of vulnerability, in business and in life.

Leading Out of Loss is a testament of the human spirit. The permission to lead with heart and humility, embracing vulnerability as our greatest asset.

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