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At 30 years old, after the loss of both parents, Michael Nitschke stepped into the CEO role of the family business, First National Nitschke. A sales agent for 12 years, Michael spent this formative time selling homes, not leading a business. With his father’s passing, Michael inherited the business – which he soon learned was millions of dollars in debt and just weeks from collapse.

Within three years, Michael resuscitated the business and took it independent, rebuilding it to be one of the best real estate agencies in Adelaide. Through his vulnerability, instincts and commitment to leading with authenticity, Michael has developed the blueprint to support others to transcend their losses. He’s a motivational speaker grounded in tangible tactics and a sales-driven edge.

Michael helps CEOs, managers, teams and employees transform their businesses and lives by delving into the heart.

With a lifelong love for selling homes, Michael continues to play an active role in the sales team, while leading the agency towards its ambitious ‘Everest Mission’ – to be the best real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills by way of record sales, number of properties managed, and as an employer of choice.

Michael is a husband and father of two, residing in the Adelaide Hills.

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