Overcoming obstacles on the path to becoming a CEO

In 2018, I lost my father. At just 57. Not long before this, my Mum passed. She was only 55. In the space of a few years, even in my family’s business, I was thrust into the unknown. But, it was there, in the abyss, that I learned some of the most profound lessons.

Invaluable lessons about life, love, loss, and leadership. About making something magnificent out of a mess. Not retreating when faced with losing everything. It’s in these moments, of great tragedy and contrast, where we discover who we truly are. The sheer will of the human spirit, to not only survive but thrive, in the face of it all.

Loss became my ladder to leadership.

Real estate agency CEO at 30 years old

My Dad started Nitschke in the 90s. When he was diagnosed with cancer, I was 12 years into my real estate career, and at that time, a valuable part of the Nitschke sales team.

I’d never worked in a managerial role, but I grew up in the family business and, with 12 years real estate experience behind me, I instinctively knew what to do and had a strong vision for the business.

Call it intuition, blind optimism, or a responsibility to my lineage, something was guiding me through my parents’ loss and onto leading my family’s company. I became the Managing Director of Nitschke Real Estate… at 30.

Looking inward, I had it all. I spent the next four years navigating the loss of my parents, while resuscitating a business on the brink of collapse – which only became apparent upon taking ownership. Today is a different story.

  • We’re now independent, having rebranded to Nitschke Real Estate
  • We’ve got the most incredible, inspiring team driven by our ‘people first, real estate agents second’ vision
  • We support thousands of families in the Hills on their real estate journey
  • We’re setting new standards for the industry, with our realness.

And we’re just getting started!

What loss taught me about business

Navigating great loss helped me lean into my authentic leadership style. I learned how important it is to lead with an open heart, to create deep trust within my team, our clients, and the community. And, to practise gratitude, because there’s always a silver lining.

I realised that for true synergy within a team, we have to function as equals. The sales team aren’t ‘better’ than the admin staff. We all support each other, working together serving a collective purpose, all transcending our own limiting beliefs, especially in sales.

I discovered that we could raise our standards by simplifying and systemising everything we do. I learned that it’s more important to be better, before bigger. That growth for the sake of growth strategy leaves everyone unfulfilled.

Most importantly, loss taught me that our greatest asset is our perspective. Like the old proverb goes, ‘if you think you can, you can’. Nothing is beyond us, if we believe it’s possible. No problem is too hard to solve, with a mindset shift towards abundance and action.