Join Nitschke Real Estate agency – we’re hiring property sales consultants

If you’re looking to make a career move in 2024, Nitschke is hiring. If you’re searching for a sales coach and are interested in joining a real estate agency where you can build your career, get in touch. 

At Nitschke, we’ve transformed our business by being ‘better before bigger’ and prioritising improvement over expansion. This is the ethos of our customer service, our culture, and how we hire.   

Being better means: 

1.    Elevating the state
2.    Simplifying our strategies
3.    Raising our standards

Elevating the state of our team by prioritising their well-being by focusing on their mental, physical, and spiritual state. This includes daily huddles, one-on-one check-ins, surveys, and sharing training resources. 

Simplifying our strategies by reducing inefficiencies, documenting systems, and operating lean. Regular process reviews help us streamline operations and align with our quarterly priorities. 

Raising our standards involves cultivating a culturally aligned team that holds each other accountable and works towards a shared vision, the Nitschke Everest Mission – to become the top real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills, by way of sales, properties under management, client and employee satisfaction, and an employer of choice. While staying true to our guiding ethos of being people before real estate agents and always keeping it real. 

In order to reach Everest, we need to expand our team of real estate agents so I can focus less on property sales and more on leading the team. I’ll continue to sell homes and support our property consultants, but my primary role will be on company growth and to reach our Everest. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please get in touch. As part of the Nitschke team, you’ll have access to my business coaching and mentoring, so you can define your selling style and become a leader. 

How we view real estate and the service we provide is critical to our culture. 

Nitschk’e real estate philosophy 

Real estate isn’t about record sale prices, the biggest gains, and the most luxurious homes. It’s about empowering people to make their next move, aligned with their family and financial goals. It’s the most intimate of industries and a true joy to offer this service. We think of ourselves as your family’s real estate partners, just like you have accountants guiding your financial decisions. 

So, if you join us, know we have high standards and endeavour to improve consistently every day. We work hard but we also have fun and enjoy the journey. 

Here are some perks and benefits of working at Nitschke: 

·      Quarterly lunches to celebrate wins 
·      Annual leave for your birthday, plus team celebrations 
·      The annual Nitschke Powerplay day to review our business 
·      Ongoing training and external collaborations 
·      Celebrating milestones (5 years, 10 years etc.) 
·      A supportive team who is your second family 
·      Flexible work arrangements. 

And so much more to come. 

If you’re ready to join a company with a big purpose, challenging the status quo of real estate, grab yourself a copy of my book. It’s an important read for anyone joining the Nitschke team.