Leading my real estate agency through a changing (Everest) Mission

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In business, visions constantly evolve. As our customers, community, competitors and culture changes, so must we. Our values and guiding principles remain unchanged, but what we do and how we get there will evolve. 

You’ve heard us talk about our Everest Mission at Nitschke before – which is to become the largest real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills by number of sales, properties under management, customer reputation, and as a destination employer. 

This mission reflects how we see real estate and our place in the industry – with a multifaceted idea of success, co-creating something special as a team. 

But we’re pushing this further, and challenging how we define best

Our authentic ‘humans first, real estate agents second’ approach to real estate and being property coaches for our clients extends beyond just the Adelaide Hills. It’s relevant to allof South Australia, given the population growth our region is set to experience.  

Here’s our slightly tweaked Everest Mission: 

To be the authentic real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills and South Australia… where human-first realness achieves better sales, bonds and relationships, while also attracting quality team members.

To be recognised for our relationships as much as our results. 
To be regarded as the largest through our influential impact, not by size. 
To always be real with you, where real estate is more than a transaction, but an ongoing life transformation. 

To show there’s another way to success, especially in sales. 

Our Everest Mission is a work in progress, and that’s the point. It is always evolving. Whether you’re business owner, aspiring leader or employee, make sure you give your mission enough head and heart space, so it remains true to you. It’s your calling and your competitive advantage. This is how you can begin to prioritise authentic leadership, improve your company’s emotional intelligence, and become incomparable. 

Authentic leadership means having the confidence and conviction to challenge ‘how things have always been done’, to transcend business-as-usual. Most businesses these days are reactive and are ‘too busy’ to intentionally curate and create their culture. This is a shame, because it’s the employees and customers who lose out – but their competitors can win. A strong culture isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s what makes you incomparable, because your people and philosophy is your DNA. It can’t be replicated. 

Take cultural fit seriously. Give your people the opportunity to co-create your mission. Get the right people into the right ‘seats’. Then once a year, get everyone together to critique, pull apart, and reimagine your mission. If it stays the same, great. If it changes, that’s also fine. Your values will stay the same, but your mission will evolve as you do. Embrace it – it just means you’re growing.  

If you’d like to make a career move and join the Nitschke team, check our current openings. For anyone joining us, Leading Out of Loss is an important read. It’s not just a real estate book – it’s the playbook I wished I had when he became CEO (at 30 years old). 

Leading Out of Loss has also become a platform for motivational speaking and leadership training, helping to inspire CEOs and teams to do business their authentic way.