Team building: Motivate through mission-driven performance

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Too often in life, we let the world frame our internal narrative. We think and act based on what the world expects of us, not the other way around.
We don’t slow down, sit in observation, and interrogate whether these expectations are ours or inherited. We don’t challenge or change them. The years go by, and we become strangers to ourselves, to our loved ones.
It takes conscious attention and awareness to live authentically, with intention. It takes courage to be ourselves in a world full of assumptions, expectations, and biases.
It’s easy and safe to sit quietly in the status quo. But greatness rarely exists here. To be profound, we need to get comfortable with change. To get out of our heads and drop into our hearts more.
The same applies in business. It’s easy to get paralysed in ‘business as usual.’ There’s not enough time to work on the business when we’re always in it.
Don’t fix what’s not broken, says the wise old adage. But that’s what everyone else is doing. To be great is to be brave. Courageous enough to challenge our own biases as a team. To explore our collective limitations and unearth our deepest desires. To follow the flow of energy and see where it takes us. To liberate ourselves from the ‘shoulds’ and explore the ‘coulds’ – even just for a moment.
This is where true alignment happens, especially if explored as a team.
Transform your approach to team building
Teams are transient by nature. People join, others leave. People change, throughout the years. Our businesses must evolve in line with this, too. To best represent the values, DNA, and real purpose – iterated on regularly and renewed. When this is explored within a team and then taken to market, true congruency and buy-in occurs.
It’s not determined by one person, community, market or the industry. It’s not trendy or clever, but rather pure, real, and meaningful. When it’s codified from within, we become incomparable in all the right ways.
This is the team building culture we’re growing at Nitschke Real Estate.
This is my philosophy for life, too. We regularly put up the Out of Office sign and spend an entire day challenging, building and strengthening our mission as a team and company.
To be the best real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills – by sales, properties managed, customer feedback and a team culture – is a noble pursuit. But it’s how we’ll get that that we really care about.
Goals, KPIs and traditional performance metrics are great. But it’s the heart, the soul, the meaning, and the motivation behind it that will help you reach your mission.