The greatness of being genuine – authentic leadership

It’s something you can feel before you see. You feel heard, cared about, and as though you matter. You’re given the time of day, even when that time is valuable.
There’s unspoken trust and room for a wider range of conversations. It’s an honest relationship, where both sides are truthful. Because of this, there’s great freedom in the relationship. You’re able to get honest, straightforward advice that doesn’t throw you off, because it’s based in sincerity.
This is what genuine means to me. It’s being honest, caring, direct, and clear. It’s acting with integrity and knowing the true needs of people. Often, it’s putting others ahead of ourselves. These relationships seem to exist in our personal lives but rarely in business.
In business, we’re told, ‘time is money.’ But when you see a hint of genuineness in the professional world of placation and head-nodders, you really feel it. You realise how deeply we’re all craving authenticity in a world of business and busyness.
Putting the real in real estate, through authentic leadership
I believe, this is where real relationships happen. By being real. By treating people as people, not prospects. By seeing and holding space for their fears, anxieties, frustrations, goals, and dreams. By being honest and open with them, even if it means they’re better off somewhere else. This is how the ‘alchemy’ occurs.
This is what we aim to achieve at Nitschke Real Estate.
Genuineness is lacking in real estate and most sales industries for that matter. I believe most people are good-natured and want to help, but sales targets get in the way of giving good service. Many agents are too focused on the next sale, upping their commission, chasing awards and accolades.
I believe, there’s another way. Being better before bigger, we can achieve all those wins – but because we’re genuine, real people, not in spite of it. By helping people navigate through the ups and downs of their biggest purchase (or sale), we create bonds that last a lifetime.
This means:
o Always being there for our clients, not just during the transaction
o Being consistent and taking personal accountability
o Being clear is being kind
o Doing more of what we do well and improving on the rest
o Team chemistry and alignment, functioning as one shared front (not separate departments)
o Horizontal operation, rather than vertical with everyone connected
o Using customer feedback to determine growth and success, not just financials
o A shared philosophy to put the realness into real estate and plans that are known by everyone.
By getting ourselves right, we can fully show up for our customers and community, with our hearts on our sleeves. People won’t just get an agent; they’ll receive the care of our entire team.
To be genuine, is simply to be ourselves. To lean into this more and more, with every passing day. We don’t need to play the part, because being genuine is in Nitschke’s DNA. You can’t fake being real, anyway.
It’s a good lesson for any business and great for every relationship. Authentic leadership principles can be applied to any business because we naturally make decisions to align with brands we resonate with and respect.
Be that brand in your industry.