The role of resilience in business

If you haven’t yet read my memoir, Leading Out of Loss, this interview in Resilience Rocks Sales is your perfect precursor. 

I share the challenging journey, transitioning from real estate salesperson to CEO. At 30 years old, right after the sudden passing of my father. 

With no management experience and a young family at home, I quickly learned I’d inherited a multi-million dollar debt with the family business that my dad kept hidden… and took to his grave. 

I reveal how, through resilience, vulnerability and intuition, I led the company back from the brink of financial ruin to a thriving, independent agency, with the team co-creating the company’s future (the Nitschke Everest Mission).

My leadership journey effectively gave me a master’s degree in resilience. If I had to pinpoint a few key things that have made me more resilient, it would be these; 

·      Talking – getting comfortable with being vulnerable with people and realising that, while we all have unique problems, the underlying pain is always the same. Whenever I tell my story, the stronger I get. 

·      Moving – Exercise is 1.5x more effective than counselling or medication, according to a University of South Australia study. Movement helps me decompress, process the day, and take time for myself. 

·      Permission to be imperfect – in order to take chances, you must release the need to be perfect. When you give yourself the space to be a beginner, steadfast in your progress through your consistency, you open yourself up to a future of possibilities. Resilient individuals have abundant mindsets and consistent actions – and as a result, live in a state of constant expansion. 

I talk more about it all in this interview

The business world needs more resilience, not more hustle.

Resilience to stand tall in the face of the unknown, whether starting or restructuring a business. Sometimes resilience means following your intuition, against all logic and external voices. 

Resilience is authentic leadership – you can’t have one without the other. 

This interview is my version of motivational speaking. Honest, real and expansive, with a solid foundation of frameworks and philosophies. If you’re looking for a business coach (and if you resonate with this interview), Leading Out of Loss is a good place to start. You might also enjoy my essay, Resilience is a Team Sport