My social media process & perspectives as a CEO

Social media isn’t a side-thought or a nice-to-have in real estate – or in any industry for that matter. At Nitschke Real Estate, our social media presence is an important part of our sales strategy. It’s where people discover us, get to know us and reach us. 

Our LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook pages lead to our website and newsletter community, where we can deliver more value and build relationships. You can cast a wider net for social media, as long as you have a clear mission and complimentary topics, which brings me to my first point. The same goes for my personal brand, which is an extension of Nitschke – to document and share my journey building an industry-defining company.  

Connect your content to a mission 

Start with your mission and thread it into everything you say and do. Once you have your mission, define your content pillars. This way, you can build in more freedom in what you post, while still remaining ‘on-brand.’ 

For example, our mission at Nitschke is to deliver the most authentic real estate experience. If I want to sit down and post a quick two-minute ‘real talk’ about home unaffordability, I can. If I want to interview community members about their concerns about Mount Barker’s growth, I can too. As long as I’m keeping it real with our audience, everything I post strengthens our position in the market. 

The same goes with my personal brand. Authentic leadership, mindset coaching and building an epic culture are all topics I talk about. My audience resonate when I share the ups and downs of running a business, not critique how polished my production is.     

Value over virality 

Focus on growing by providing insane value through content that’s educational, entertaining, and motivating. Make your customers the main character – writing for them, not for you. Always ask yourself: how can I make this piece of content relevant to my audience? 

For example, if you sold a property for a record-high price, share why it sold above asking price, what’s going on in that suburb and the broader market, and your professional observations. 

Content ideas include: 

·      Insights on the industry 
·      Talk about trends 
·      Quick tips 
·      Controversial opinions 
·      Behind the scenes content e.g. ‘here’s how we sell a house…’ 
·      Helpful frameworks 
·      Stories.

Take inspiration from other industries and focus on formats you’re drawn to. If you’re a builder, don’t just look at building companies. Make your content about them. They might not be in the market for a builder, but if they find a piece of content engaging, they’ll share it with friends and family. Create a blend of specific and universal pieces of content.  

Pick one platform to master 

You don’t have to be everywhere and speak to everyone. Focus on one platform at a time. Experiment with a few platforms and see which one resonates the most – then double down on that. 

Learn what content is most interesting to your audience and understand the best-performing formats, post types, and themes. Then, take those learnings and content library to another platform, so you’re not starting from scratch. 

Social media, if done well, can open your business up to attract new leads, talent, and ideas. If you’re a real estate consultant, you’re in an industry that people are curious about – leverage that. When you switch your perspective to posting about you to serving your audience, social media becomes an asset to your lead generation, relationships, and reputation. 

Get in touch if you’re looking for a keynote speaker for an upcoming event, a sales and business coach to run team training sessions or you’re curious about leaning into authentic leadership.